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Sentinel - unstoppable since 1998! The sound from Stuttgart, significantly nicknamed „The Everlasting Sound", achieved pretty much everything that can be achieved in the soundsystem business.

Promoting legendary dances in their hometown, playing shows all over the world, winning the most prestigious soundsystem competition on earth, the „World Clash" - Sentinel has done all of that.

Alongside the two founders, Empress Nadia and Father Elmar, it's mainly Olde, Allgi and Daniel who represent the sound since 2012.
With their energetic performances all around the globe, the „Now-Generation" proved their ability to continue the great heritage of Sentinel.

The three soundmen have showcased their skills both, in Dancehall strongholds like Jamaica, New York or London, and new places for Reggae like Brazil or the Solomon Islands.

A glorious past and a bright future ahead.



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